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Governor Malloy: No Budget Document, No Meeting

Oct 23, 2017

Governor Dannel Malloy has said he won’t meet with legislative leaders to discuss their latest budget proposal - until he sees an actual document. 

Last week, legislative leaders announced that they had a tentative bipartisan deal.

At the announcement, House Speaker Joe Aresimowicz said legislative leaders would meet Friday with the governor.

Malloy stressed that he's eager to offer his take on the budget, but there's one small problem.

"Unfortunately, and perhaps foolishly on my part, I assumed we were going to go over an actual budget document," he told reporters Friday. "I assumed since they were having an announcement of a budget, that they had prepared documents in accordance thereto."

Malloy said without a line-by-line budget document, a meeting is pointless.

"Give me a full document that I can review, and then we'll meet," he said. "I need time to review it."

Legislative leaders say the non-partisan Office of Fiscal Analysis is working on a budget document. They expect to present more specifics about the budget when they meet with their respective caucuses this week.