To Go Back To 'Normal', We Need A COVID-19 Vaccine. But When Will That Be? | Connecticut Public Radio

To Go Back To 'Normal', We Need A COVID-19 Vaccine. But When Will That Be?

Aug 21, 2020

Businesses have reopened and most schools have come up with plans to see students again, but it’s increasingly clear life won’t truly get back to “normal” until we have a vaccine.

But when will that be? This hour, we get the latest from New York Times science writer Carl Zimmer on the race to develop a COVID vaccine. We hear the status of ongoing vaccine trials and learn more about the research process that ensures a vaccine will be safe and effective.

Later, we talk about navigating the confusing world of health care in a pandemic with a reporter from Kaiser Health News. Connecticut’s Healthcare Advocate also joins us to help answer the complicated questions around health insurance and how this crisis may shape conversations about the future of US health care.


  • Carl Zimmer - New York Times columnist and the author of 13 books about science including A Planet of Viruses; also a Connecticut resident
  • Julie Appleby - Senior Correspondent for Kaiser Health News
  • Ted Doolittle - Healthcare Advocate for the state of Connecticut

Cat Pastor contributed to this show.