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Go Ahead And Talk To Yourself. You're Not Crazy!

Nov 6, 2014

A man talking to himself. Photo from www.mybrainsolutions.com.

Do you talk to yourself? Is it a silent inter-narrative or do you talk aloud? What form of address to you use to yourself?

When I'm mad at myself I sometimes address myself as Colin. But, I sense that when LeBron speaks to himself as LeBron, it's more affirming. 

I talk aloud quite a bit. A hangover, I think, from growing up as an only child.

The Spanish and Argentine novelist Andres Neumann has a new work, "Talking to Ourselves," in which he explores the solitary inner narrative that each of us conducts either silently, aloud, or writing a diary. 

Some form of talking to ourselves is universal. You could argue that without it life would be unsupportable, would be lived unconsciously. So, let me ask you again, do you talk to yourself? Yes, you do.