Getting A Call From The Poison Control Center? It's Probably A Scam

Feb 14, 2018

Connecticut’s Poison Control Center, along with centers in 12 other states, is fielding complaints about a phone scam that’s targeting victims using a number belonging to the national center.

The complaints are from people that said they’ve been called and asked for sensitive information. The name that pops up on their caller ID belongs to the National Poison Help hotline -- that number is 1-800-222-1222.

Dr. Suzanne Doyon, the medical director of the Connecticut Poison Control Center, said that the scammers have asked victims for personal information like social security numbers.

“Someone is using the phone number, but we are not placing the call,” Doyon said. “The poison center, first of all, receives calls. We very, very rarely make calls—random calls to the general public. Whenever we call, we never, ever ask for a social security number. We never ask for a credit card number.”

Doyon said her center has received about 14 complaints since Monday morning. She said that on a national level, The American Association of Poison Control Centers is working with phone carrier Verizon to figure out where the calls are coming from.