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The Flap Over Flags

Nov 12, 2020

On the surface, a flag is a piece of cloth with pretty colors and designs. That's the thing with flags. They're often judged on their aesthetics, but their power lies in how well their design captures the culture, religion, politics, and history of a place and its people. 

We have flags for everything - nations, states, cities, sports teams, schools, micronations - you can even make your own flag with advice on how to do it. Keep it simple with 2-3 basic colors and skip the lettering.

How can a flag unite a group around a single identity when people are unique and cultures change? 

Today, we talk about flags. Check out the website of the North American Vexillological Association. It's filled with lots of good stuff.


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Colin McEnroe was the host of today's show. Chion Wolf was the technical producer.