Finally, This Could Be The Week For A Budget Deal | Connecticut Public Radio

Finally, This Could Be The Week For A Budget Deal

Oct 25, 2017

We’ve been searching for months to find the right words to describe what’s it’s been like watching state lawmakers and the governor try to come together on a budget deal for the state. Senator Martin Looney, Democrat from New Haven has likened it to the process of having a prolonged tooth abscess that's finally being extracted. "A combination of exhaustion, pain, and relief," he said. 

Looney's colleagues are now using other words, like “historic” and “bipartisan” to describe a deal that finally breaks the impasse between the parties. This hour, we find out as much as we can about what’s in that deal, and whether the Governor plans to sign it.

We also talk about how Jeff Flake flamed Donald Trump, but hung in with his GOP colleagues to gut a consumer protection - and benefit banks and credit card companies. Plus - we’ll examine the pitches to lure Amazon - ferris wheels and all! 


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