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Fantasy Football Fanatics

Sep 8, 2011

I don't really know how anybody knows this, jut we're told that 19 million people play Fantasy Football and that businesses lose nine billion dollars in productivity to be obsessing about their teams and picks.

We're told that the business end of Fantasy Football -- not the money the players put in the pot but the huge industry of advertising supported sites that feed their obsessions -- is worth somewhere between one and four billion dollars.

I'm a football fan, and I don't get it. I barely understand how the whole things works, but I can see that fantasy football would shift a person's priorities toward individual performances scattered around the league as opposed to rooting obsessively for one team the way I do. I can tell you a little something about each of the 53 players on the Packers roster and almost nothing about anybody on any other team. I know a lot of the practice squad players. Imagine what would we happen to me if I shifted that mania to the whole league.

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