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Fallout From Jennifer Dulos Case: Domestic Violence; Race; Surveillance

Jun 18, 2019

Connecticut remains riveted by the unfolding saga of Jennifer Dulos, the wealthy, white New Canaan woman last seen almost four weeks ago. It's a tragic and familiar story. Yet, few cases receive the notoriety of this particular case. 

Today, we examine several issues raised by Jennifer's disappearance, including how domestic violence in wealthy families can play out in ways not experienced by those with less money.

The night of Jennifer's disappearance, video surveillance cameras in Hartford spotted a man dumping garbage bags filled with what police say may be evidence in the case, in trash bins throughout the north end of Hartford. We talk to a resident of the north end about how he feels about that. 

Lastly, we talk about the current state of police surveillance technology, including in Hartford, and how it might be used in the future. 


  • ‘Colleen’ - Attorney, volunteer at Family Civil Liberties Union, and a survivor of domestic violence
  • Mary Jane Foster - President and CEO Interval House
  • Steve Harris - Former Captain in the Hartford Fire Department, CT State Marshal and Hartford City councilman. 
  • Andrew Ferguson - Law Professor David A. Clarke School of Law, University of the District of Columbia and the author The Rise of Big Data Policing & Why Jury Duty Matters. @ProfFerguson 
  • Chris Mastroianni - Supervisor, Hartford Capital Crime Center, Hartford PD

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Colin McEnroe and Chion Wolf contributed to this show.