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Falconers Among Us

Sep 26, 2013

The popular "Saturday Night Live" skit performed by Will Forte introduced us to falconers but hunters in Connecticut actually practice this centuries-old sport. The U.S Fish and Wildlife Service has federal guidelines for states which then set up their own regulations. Connecticut legalized falconry in 2005.

A Falconer and Red-Tail
Credit Courtesy of CT Falconers Association

We spoke with Jon D'Arpino who is a member of the Connecticut Falconers Association. He said, "The very definition of falconry is using a trained raptor, a bird of prey, to pursue wild quarry in its native habitat." He hunts with a red tail hawk.  Arpino said, "Red tails have adapted really well, their population and their numbers are higher than they've ever been." 

Red tail hawks often perch on light poles along Route 9 or I-91. Take a look up next time you're driving along.