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Examining The ‘Green’ Movement’s Lack Of Diversity

Jul 20, 2017

Environmental groups have drawn attention to sustainability and conservation, but insiders say movement leadership is overwhelmingly white.

This hour, we examine a lack of diversity in environmental activism and find out who’s working to change this.

We talk to New York resident Aaron Mair who became the Sierra Club’s first African American president. Mair tells us more about efforts in the green movement to become more inclusive — something he didn’t experience when his family reached out to the Sierra Club for help in the 1990s.

We also check in with environmental activists in Connecticut who are working to engage more minority communities. And we find out what a national initiative has to say about ways to tackle the diversity problem.

Do you think environmental groups on the national and local levels are doing enough to reach all Americans?


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Tim Cohn and Chion Wolf contributed to this show.