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Episode 5: The Mascots

Jun 30, 2017

The Yard Goats' mascots were first unveiled to the world in October, 2015, as the last part of a string of branding reveals that included merchandise, logos, logotypes, and uniforms, and that had begun with a Name the Team contest.

A crop of fan submissions were winnowed down to a final five names, among them the Hartford Hedgehogs, River Hogs, Whirlybirds, and the oddly singular Hartford Praying Mantis.

But as we well know, none of those names won out in the end.

This episode, let's look at all this stuff around the Hartford Yard Goats -- the whole brand -- the logos, the uniforms, the mascots.

And let's figure out one thing that we've all been wondering for about two years now:

What the [heck] is a Yard Goat?