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Embrace Your Inner Naturalist

Jan 18, 2019

With each new year come the same old resolutions. Go on a diet. Join a gym... But what if this year, we vowed to try something different? Unplug from technology. Spend more time in nature.

This hour, we consider ways to become better connected to the natural world.

Nathaniel Wheelwright, the co-author of The Naturalist’s Notebook, joins us. We also learn about a Master Naturalist Program based in northeastern Connecticut. And we want to hear from you. 

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Bangor Daily News: Maine biologists team up to create 'The Naturalist's Notebook' - "Both authors intend for this book to be for anyone and everyone -- the biologist, student, backyard birder and city dweller."

Bowdoin College: Nature Moments - "Nature Moments is a weekly series of short videos designed to showcase the natural history of common plants and animals. If you live in eastern North America, you will be able to find almost all these species. The videos are being filmed as the seasons change in my backyard in Brunswick, Maine, with photography by Wilder Nicholson and me, editing by Wilder, and additional help from Genie Wheelwright, Tom Porter, Paul Benham, and Rebecca Goldfine."

Chion Wolf contributed to this show, which originally aired on December 20, 2018.