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Election Day Countdown: Waiting on a November Surprise

Nov 2, 2016

Six days to the election and there's certainly a lot to cover. Nationally, the Anthony Weiner investigation has possibly uncovered some more email trouble for Hillary Clinton; and Donald Trump is trying to win over African American voters by promising to be their "greatest champion"

In Connecticut, the chance that the GOP will take over the senate is increasingly unlikely. And long lines are a concern on Election Day - as we're at record numbers of registered voters - with no option of early voting. 

We also talk about the MDC's move to have its water supply plan designated as "protected critical infrastructure information" by the homeland security department, in an attempt to dodge freedom of information requests


  • Colin McEnroe - Host of The Colin McEnroe Show on WNPR 
  • Dan Haar - Covers commerce, economics, wealth and poverty for The Hartford Courant 
  • Leah Wright-Rigueur - Assistant Professor of Public Policy at Harvard Kennedy School of Business

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