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East Haven Police Chief Testifies Before FOIC Commission

Jan 27, 2011

East Haven’s Police Chief says he’s done his best to comply with all requests for information in connection with a federal investigation into alleged racial profiling by the town’s police officers.  

Chief Leonard Gallo was placed on administrative leave last April by the Mayor of East Haven. Earlier this week, Gallo testified before the Freedom of Information Commission in Hartford.  He said he’d done all he could to produce documents related to a U.S. Department of Justice investigation into race-based violence, harassment and intimidation of Latinos by East Haven police. 

Gallo is also named in a separate federal lawsuit.  His attorney Jonathan Einhorn says Gallo and town officials have gone out of their way to cooperate with the DOJ. "As a matter of fact they sat down with mediators from the Dept of Justice some time ago and hammered out an agreement to try and work on better community relations. And we don’t believe there’s any issue with regard to discrimination in the town of East Haven."

The Department of Justice may also bring criminal action against the town. Several East Haven police officers have been subpoened to a Grand Jury in February.  

For WNPR, I'm Diane Orson.