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Dissecting Governor Lamont’s Budget Proposal

Feb 21, 2019

Governor Ned Lamont did a lot of asking Wednesday, as he promised he would.

A general plea for everyone to step up toward a budget solution is one thing. Specific requests, like the ones he made in his state budget address to lawmakers, will prove much more difficult to attain.

Under his plan, consumers would have to pay sales tax on more items and services than ever before, whether that be downloaded movies or haircuts.

Gov. Lamont wants municipalities to share the burden of teacher pension costs, and future retired state employees to accept lower cost-of-living pension increases when state investments underperform. 

Which of his proposals will fly? Which are dead on arival? 

Today, we hear from stakeholders on the receiving end of Lamont's calls for more sacrifice. 

And we want to hear reactions from listeners as well. What questions do you have about the governor's budget proposal?

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Chion Wolf contributed to this show.