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Denise Merrill

Jan 24, 2011

Democrat Denise Merrill has taken over a tough job – as the new Secretary of the State.

The end of Susan Bysiewicz’ long career in the job was marked by a confusing, close election for Governor – compounded by a ballot controversy in Bridgeport.

It has some people calling for a new law that would mandate one ballot for every registered voter.  New Secretary Denise Merrill says she’s not sure that’s the right solution - but she has said she’ll be working with lawmakers, “capitalizing” on the relationships she formed as House Majority leader.

Today, where we live, we’ll talk with Denise Merrill about a task force she’s put together to discuss election reform – about upcoming special elections to fill the seats of lawmakers who just won re-election, and have now taken jobs in the Malloy administration.

What questions do you have for Denise Merrill?