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Death, Sex, and Money with Anna Sale

Jul 14, 2014

Warren Harding, 29th President of the U.S., with his wife, Florence Harding.
Credit Cliff / Creative Commons

I'm excited about today's Scramble. WNYC podcaster Anna Sale, host of Death, Sex & Money, is our superguest, which means she gets to pick three topics for her conversation with me.

Her choices are LeBron James and the notion of going home, a new Jenny Lewis song about a ticking biological clock, and the long agonizing death of the husband of NPR broadcaster, Diane Rehm. At least on paper, that's a perfect combination for the Scramble.

We move from there to a conversation with media analyst Ken Doctor about a new kind of battle between an American celebrity and a British tabloid. George Clooney is mad. This week, he went after British tabloid The Daily Mail, for falsely reporting that the Lebanese mother of his fiancee objected to their wedding on religious grounds, and that relatives of the bride joked about killing her if she defied her mother's wishes.

Last, Warren Harding was considered one of the worst presidents the nation ever experienced. His administration has been deemed inefficient, corrupt, and clueless. He once said of his presidency that he was "not fit for this office and should never have been here." We'll spend some time on the recently revealed letters from Warren G. Harding to one of his mistresses. You may have heard about those but meet the novelist who imagined that scenario two decades ago.