David Ortiz Is Just the Worst Thing

Sep 29, 2016

So here's what happened. Lucy Nalpathanchil got a pitch from some PR person about covering David Ortiz's retirement at the end of this baseball season. And she forwarded it to Colin and me and said it sounded like our kind of show.

And Colin (a Red Sox fan) said that I (a Yankees fan) "would [expletive] hate that." And he's right. I would [expletive] hate that.

And so here we are doing that show.

I mean, Ortiz is probably having the greatest age-40 season ever. And he's probably having the greatest final season ever. And the Red Sox probably clinched the American League East last night. [UPDATE: They did.]

Ugh. It's all just the worst.

Also this hour: A look at other end-of-the-baseball-season storylines. Vin Scully's retirement. The actual end of the season. The upcoming postseason. The Cubs and the Indians chasing history. And more.


  • Steve Metcalf - Writes WNPR's Metcalf on Music column; Mets and Red Sox fan
  • Rob Neyer - Was one of the first writers to popularize sabermetrics and an analytical, advanced stats-based way of covering baseball
  • Michael Silverman - Co-author of Pedro Martinez's autobiography; has covered the Red Sox and Major League Baseball for The Boston Herald since 1995

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Colin McEnroe, Greg Hill, and Chion Wolf contributed to this show.