CT-N To Go Dark After Dispute With Legislature

Nov 3, 2017

CT-N, the network which has covered all of the doings of the state legislature for almost 20 years, will go dark as of 5:00 pm Friday. 

Its parent, the Connecticut Public Affairs Network, said it cannot keep operating in the face of a massive budget cut, and an attempt to remove its editorial independence.

The network has been in talks with the Office of Legislative Management over the terms of its contract.

Lawmakers had imposed a 65 percent cut in the recently passed budget, and also proposed contract terms that would give partisan staff control over the coverage produced by CT-N.

In a letter to OLM sent Thursday night, the network’s head, Paul Giguere, said those changes would transform CT-N "into a project no longer consistent with our organization’s fiduciary obligations in either the financial or mission sense."