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Countdown to Election Day: Local Political Races

Oct 26, 2016

We’ve been talking a lot about national politics lately on the Wheelhouse. But there’s a LOT happening here in Connecticut. 

Much of it surrounding the State’s Republican Party. There’s a chance the GOP might pick up enough seats to flip the state senate, this during a campaign season where state Republicans aren’t exactly riding on Donald Trump’s coattails. Of course, if you look at the races Republican candidates are running in the congressional races, they’re even less competitive than they have been in recent years.

As we consider the week’s news, we’ll also wonder what the vote on marijuana legalization in Massachusetts might mean for our state, and we’ll explore the Stamford transit hub that was a major state initiative that the state has backed out of.

Plus - voter fraud? Rigged elections? Turns out the dead don’t vote in Connecticut.


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