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A Conversation With Sam Waterston

Feb 28, 2017

Sam Waterston says he's been been lucky to have good fortune in his career and personal life. He's been nominated multiple times for Emmy, Academy, and Tony Awards and he won Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild Awards for performances playing men whose moral compass points north.  

The real man is much the same. He cares as deeply about social justice as the characters he plays on stage. He cares about a lot of things:  faith, equality, democracy, science, and the environment - for starters. He also thinks there's too much talk and not enough thoughtful deliberation in our public speech and he owns his own farm because he believes in the integrity of physical work. We had so much to talk about with Sam that we never really got to his acting. 

Luck may be a factor in his success - but it's likely mixed with a rich brew of integrity, curiosity, hope, faith, kindness and hard work.  

Today, a conversation with Sam Waterston. 


  • Sam Waterston - Stage, film and television actor who is currently on the Netflix series, "Grace & Frankie,"  and "Godless," which will begin on Netflix in the fall. He was nominated multiple times for his role as D.A. Jack McCoy on "Law & Order," and won a Golden Globe as Forrest Bedford in"I'll Fly Away." He performs in Shakespeare at the Public and raises Icelandic sheep and cattle on Birdseye & Tanner Brooks Farm in Connecticut.

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Colin McEnroe, Jonathan McNicol, and Chion Wolf contributed to this show.