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Connecticut's Nasty Campaign Ads

Oct 21, 2014

Credit Alan Falcon / Creative Commons

You know campaign commercials, those things you fast-forward through whenever you can. Despite your best efforts, you've probably seen more of them than you intended to this season and heaven knows, campaigns and outside interest groups have shown no interest in cutting back on them.

Ad spending in this election cycle is poised to break  $1 billion dollars, according to the Wesleyan Media Project. In Connecticut, most of the advertising is focused on the highly competitive gubernatorial race with occasional excursions into the 5th Congressional District.

And, as you've probably heard, Connecticut is by some measures the most negative gubernatorial race in the country. Maybe candidates think this is the best use of their money. Decades of research shows that voters remember attack ads more often and more vividly than the positive information a candidate delivers about him or herself.

One thing we'll ask today is with so many negative ads, can any one stand out.