Connecticut Works With New York, New Jersey to Boost Security for Holiday Travelers | Connecticut Public Radio

Connecticut Works With New York, New Jersey to Boost Security for Holiday Travelers

Dec 11, 2015

Metro-North riders may notice an increase in security during their commute this month as New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut beef up law enforcement presence at stations in response to the attacks in San Bernardino and Paris. 

Governors from the three states said they're working together to protect travelers during the holidays. 

On Wednesday, Governor Dannel Malloy told WNPR the state of Connecticut has been in a heightened state of security since the shooting in California occurred.

"If you talk to train riders, they'll tell you they're seeing a lot more police -- whether it's state, or local, or Metro-North at the train stations -- more dogs, more security," Malloy said. 

On Tuesday, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo signed an executive order giving law enforcement from New Jersey and Connecticut jurisdiction on New York's buses, trains, ferries, and transit stations.

In Connecticut, Metro-North stations -- which are regularly patrolled by the MTA security -- will receive assistance from the Connecticut State Police. 

MTA spokesman Aaron Donovan said that travelers should go about with their daily life and holiday plans, but to keep an eye out for suspicious activity. 

"We have a slogan that's well-said, but it hurts not to say it again: it's if you see something, say something, and it really does resound true today," Donovan said. 

In a statement, the MTA said ensuring the safety and security of their customers is of top priority: 

Per Governor Cuomo’s directive of Nov. 14, the MTA Police have stepped up patrols of Grand Central and all facilities served by Metro-North and the LIRR, in close coordination with the regional law enforcement agencies who are our partners, including state, county and local police in all the jurisdictions we serve. More details are at this link

In the meantime, we always remind our customers that they are the eyes and ears of the system. The MTA’s phrase “If You See Something, Say Something” means that if you see a suspicious persons or activity while traveling with us, you should report it to an MTA employee, a police officer, or call 1-888-NYC-SAFE.

The executive order will expire in 30 days.