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Connecticut Not Without Its Hardball Politics Or Sneaky Legislation

Jun 27, 2018

Politics is definitely not for the squeamish. And this year's race for governor is only going to get nastier now that two of the three Republican hopefuls seeking public campaign financing have money to buy television ads to compete against their wealthy, self-funding GOP and Democratic rivals.

But playing hardball can be as inexpensive as enlisting a couple of well-placed protesters holding signs at an opponent's press conference, as GOP gubernatorial candidate Tim Herbst learned this week.

Today's panel also looks at why the legislature failed to muster up the votes Monday to override any of this year's seven vetoes by Gov. Dannel Malloy.

Speaking of legislation, we also shed light on an amendment quietly tacked onto an unrelated bill at the request of UConn football coach Randy Edsall to keep his son on the coaching staff despite state anti-nepotism rules.

And those massive sculptures you love or hate in front of government buildings may become relics of a bygone era. The state's Art in Public Spaces requirement has been suspended due to budgetary constraints. With Colin McEnroe leading the discussion in the absence of our usual host, John Dankosky, we weigh in on that too.


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