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Connecticut Inmate Sentenced to Death

May 22, 2014

Richard Roszkowski.
Credit Connecticut Department of Correction

A Connecticut man was sentenced to death for gunning down two adults and a nine-year-old girl on a Bridgeport street in 2006. 

A state judge in Bridgeport ruled Thursday that former Trumbull resident Richard Roszkowski, 49, should die by lethal injection. A jury in March recommended death instead of life in prison.

Roszkowski was convicted in 2009 of killing his 39-year-old ex-girlfriend, Holly Flannery, her nine-year-old daughter, Kylie, and 38-year-old Thomas Gaudet. Police said Roszkowski falsely believed Flannery and Gaudet were romantically involved.

Defense lawyers argued Roszkowski shouldn't be executed because he has paranoid delusion disorder, while the prosecution denied Roszkowski is mentally ill.

It could be the last state death sentencing, because Connecticut officials repealed the death penalty for all future murders in 2012. One other convicted murderer, Eduardo Santiago, also could face the death penalty if he loses an appeal pending before the state Supreme Court.

There will be an automatic repeal of Roszkowski's death sentence, under state law.