Connecticut Health Insurers Asking for Double-Digit Rate Hikes

Aug 1, 2016

Connecticut's Department of Insurance is holding public hearings this week on double-digit rate increases requested by the state's health insurers for the 2017 coverage year.

The increases would affect more than 100,000 residents insured by three companies.

Anthem has asked for an average rate increase of about 27 percent for plans covering over 56,000 residents.

A hearing on that proposal is scheduled for Wednesday.

Two additional hearings are scheduled for Thursday on rate increases requested by ConnectiCare and Aetna.

ConnectiCare has asked for a rate increase of around 24 percent for plans that cover over 37,000 people. Aetna has asked for an increase of almost 28 percent for plans covering over 6,000 people.

Federal Money for New Haven to Help Reconnect a Neighborhood to the City

New Haven has won a $20 million federal grant to help fund a project that, among other things, looks to reconnect one of its low income neighborhoods to the rest of the city.

The grant could help undo some of the separation of the largely Black and Hispanic Hill neighborhood by the Route 34 connector that was built decades ago.

The neighborhood is also home to the Yale School of Medicine.

The project also plans to re-establish Union Station as a focal point, and help the city develop a more walkable and bike-friendly downtown.