Connecticut Has Not Agreed To Reported Purdue Settlement | Connecticut Public Radio

Connecticut Has Not Agreed To Reported Purdue Settlement

Sep 11, 2019

Connecticut’s attorney general says the state has not agreed to any settlement with Stamford-based drug maker Purdue Pharma. The Associated Press is reporting Wednesday that Purdue, the maker of controversial painkiller Oxycontin, has settled with about half of the states that are currently suing it over its role in the opioid overdose crisis. 

The settlement is reported to see Purdue paying around $12 billion to settle the suits, with its owners, the Sackler family, giving up control of the company.

But in a statement issued to Connecticut Public Radio, Connecticut Attorney General Wiliam Tong said he is not part of that agreement.

“Connecticut has not agreed to any settlement," Tong said in the statement. "Our position remains firm and unchanged and nothing for us has changed today. The scope and scale of the pain, death and destruction that Purdue and the Sacklers have caused far exceeds anything that has been offered thus far. Connecticut's focus is on the victims and their families, and holding Purdue and the Sacklers accountable for the crisis they have caused.

"I cannot predict whether Purdue will seek bankruptcy," he goes on, "but all I can say is we are ready to aggressively pursue this case wherever it goes—whether it is in the Connecticut courts or through bankruptcy."