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Connecticut GOP Urges Governor To Sign The Budget

Sep 27, 2017

Connecticut is now the only state in the country without a budget and the sparring continues. Republican leaders urged the governor on Wednesday to sign off on their recently passed budget and move forward. 

Governor Dannel Malloy has vowed to veto the Republican spending plan that passed both the House and the Senate. But Senate Republican Leader Len Fasano told a crowd outside Keefe Community Center in Hamden that there is no alternative. Democrats, he said, do not have the support for their budget.

“If there are parts of this budget you don’t like, then let’s get the budget passed and then let’s talk about amendments to those sections you want to amend,” said Fasano. “If you want to change something, find the money to change it. But don’t throw out the whole budget because it’s not your idea. Don’t throw out the whole budget because it doesn’t go down the path of fiscal irresponsibility that the governor’s picked for the last six years.”

Lee Campo was among the crowd. He’s owner of Specialty Wire and Cord Sets in Hamden. Campo ships his products all over the country and to Canada. He feels that under a Democratic budget, the state’s headed for increased taxes and restrictions.

“Any tax increase will affect the price,” said Campo. “I would like to see the Republican budget go through. There may not be a deduction or reduction in tax, but it will be a level in tax and I’ll be able to compete elsewhere.”

Experts disagree with Campo’s take though -- the GOP budget includes about $800 million in increased taxes.

Fasano said if Malloy vetoes the budget, the next step will be to look for enough votes to override that veto.