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Connecticut Garden Journal: Making Holiday Wreaths

Dec 10, 2020

With the holiday season upon us, and many people sticking closer to home this year, decorating indoors and outdoors is going full tilt in many households. One of the standards for holiday decorating is an evergreen wreath.

We've all seen and probably purchased holiday wreaths decorated with pine cones, bows and berries at garden centers. But this year, why not add a personal touch to your holiday wreath by collecting natural materials from your landscape. This is a fun project to do with kids and grandkids.

It's easiest to start by purchasing an undecorated evergreen wreath locally. Then start collecting. There's a variety of natural materials you can use. Let the kids direct the action. Different sized cones can be grouped on the wreath. Spent flowers, such as milkweed, teasel and rudbeckia, add texture. Ornamental grass flower heads add a wispy look. Dried flowers, such as strawflower and status, and native berries, such as wild grapes, Rosa rugosa hips, holly and viburnum, add more color. Even sumac flower heads add some interest and are favorites of birds for their seeds.

Once you have your materials, then arrange them around the wreath. You can go crazy and fill the wreath with all the items, or do a more symmetrical design repeating similar items a few times around the wreath. Attach the lighter weight cones, flowers and berries with a glue gun and secure the grasses, flowers and heavier items with floral wire to the wreath ring.

Hang your creation where your kids will enjoy it and in a spot that says you're proud of the wreath you made together.