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Connecticut Garden Journal: Holiday Gardening Gifts

Dec 6, 2019

Holiday gift shopping is in full gear. It's always a challenge getting the right gift for gardening friends and family. Some gardening items, such as gloves and hand tools, are very personal. I usually avoid giving those. But here are a few items I think any gardener will appreciate.

Let's start indoors. Grow light systems have become more efficient and more attractive in the home. Some look like pieces of furniture! One of my favorites is the bamboo, tabletop, mini LED light garden. It's small, beautiful and versatile. Place it on a table, stack them or mount them on a wall. They have high-intensity LED lights that can grow a simple houseplant to dwarf peppers.

Speaking of indoor gifts, how about a terrarium? Planting a terrarium is a nice project to do with your child or grandchild. They're decorative and, with a closed system terrarium, they require little maintenance.

Outdoors I like to select gifts that fill multiple tasks such as a rubber tub trug. These bendable, crushable, yet sturdy, 11-gallon tubs have handles for easy carrying. I use ours for everything from tools to compost to cut flowers and produce. For something a little more decorative, try garden totes with pockets for small tools and cell phones and a waterproof bottom.

To help protect young outdoor plants from insects, animals and weather, a gift of garden fleece floating row covers or shade cloth is appreciated. The different weighted row covers can protect plants down to 25 degrees. Whatever the gift, remember to save the receipts. You never know if you gift will ring true.