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Connecticut Garden Journal: Garden Resolutions

Jan 3, 2019

With every New Year comes a bushel of resolutions. Whether it be eating better, exercising more, or spending more time with a loved one, we've all made resolutions. Gardeners are not exempt. Let me suggest a few New Year's gardening resolutions.

First and foremost, spend more time in the garden. Resolve to spend five to 10 minutes every day or so walking through the garden. The old adage the “sign of a healthy garden is the gardener's foot prints,” is true.

Be realistic about your time caring for your garden. In her book, landscaper Janet Macunovich had these calculations for caring for 100 square feet of gardens. She figured it takes 10 minutes a month to care for trees and shrubs, 20 minutes a month for annual flower beds, and a whopping 60 minutes a month for perennial flowers. Of course, if you like gardening, none of this is a problem.

Try to remember those plantings that didn't work well in your garden last year. Use old photos or your friend or family member's memory to help.

Add “pollinator friendly” to your list of traits you're looking for in your plants. Grow more of your own food and try a new vegetable. I grew Dakota black popcorn last year!

Take a gardening workshop and, better yet, invite a friend to join you. You'll learn something new and maybe do a little plant shopping, too.

Finally, work in short bursts, varying the garden tasks. And spend some time sitting quietly and watching your garden. We work too hard to not spend time enjoying the beauty.