Connecticut Democrats Ride A 'Blue Wave' In Midterm Elections | Connecticut Public Radio

Connecticut Democrats Ride A 'Blue Wave' In Midterm Elections

Nov 8, 2018

A record number of residents voted on Tuesday -- electing, among others, Connecticut’s first African American woman to Congress. This hour we talk with Jahana Hayes about her historic win. We also break down what happened in other midterm races, where Democrats achieved major victories in the governorship and General Assembly.

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Connecticut Public Radio: Democrat Jahana Hayes wins 5th Congressional district (November 2018) - Democrat Jahana Hayes, an educator who rose from poverty and teen motherhood to become a National Teacher of the Year, made her own history Tuesday night as the first black woman elected to Congress from the state of Connecticut.

CT Mirror: Democrats make solid gains in General Assembly (November 2018) – “Democrats made their first state legislative gains in 10 years Tuesday night, breaking an 18-18 tie in the Senate by picking up at least four Republican seats and defending vulnerable Democratic lawmakers who were targeted by the GOP. House Democrats appeared to have a net gain of nine seats, with eight unresolved races.”

Hartford Courant - 22-Year-Old Democrat Will Haskell Defeats Popular Republican Toni Boucher, Winning Her Long-Held Senate Seat (November 2018) - "Haskell faced a monumental challenge in defeating Boucher, a popular moderate Republican from Wilton. The seat has been held by Republicans since the 1970s, though Hillary Clinton won the district by 22 percentage points in 2016."

Chion Wolf contributed to this show.