Connecticut Democrats Announce Criminal Justice Agenda | Connecticut Public Radio

Connecticut Democrats Announce Criminal Justice Agenda

Feb 5, 2019

Senate Democrats rolled out a legislative agenda for what they’re calling “A Just Connecticut” in the 2019 legislative session. 

It outlines a number of criminal justice bills, including a measure that would provide legal counsel to children who are undocumented, and an act that would erase certain criminal records if an offender does not re-offend within a designated time following their sentence.

The agenda also includes a measure that would continue a temporary restraining order after the person alleged to be a threat is released from jail or custody. And a bill that would require prosecutors to automatically disclose certain pieces of evidence in criminal cases.

Democrats will take up legislation concerning ghost guns again this year. Those are self-assembled guns without serial numbers, which can be impossible for law enforcement to trace. Senator Alex Bergstein said the details are still being worked out.

“Essentially it would require that any partially assembled gun, including a receiver, would be subject to the definition of a firearm, which would mean it would have to have a serial number,” Bergstein said. “It would be traceable and law enforcement could track it. And also the owner would have to have a permit.”

In addition, Democrats will also be looking to strengthen gun storage laws after a tragic case last year in which a Guilford teen accidentally shot and killed himself.

The agenda includes proposals concerning voting rights and ease of voting.