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Connecticut Congressional Delegation: Release The Report

Mar 22, 2019

Several members of Connecticut's congressional delegation say special counsel Robert Mueller’s report should be released in full to the public.

Attorney General William Barr released his interpretation of the findings in a four-page letter Sunday.

“The need for transparency and full disclosure is even more urgent now,” said Senator Richard Blumenthal. “We need to know all of the underlying evidence concerning any wrongdoing that occurred, not just the Attorney General’s conclusions. Key questions remain about whether Donald Trump was compromised as a candidate and is now as President of the United States.”

"Congress should be able to review the evidence independent of the interpretation of Trump-appointed allies like the Attorney General," said Senator Chris Murphy is a statement.

That tone was echoed by members of Connecticut’s House delegation, who say the letter raised more questions than answers.

“Despite President Trump’s statements, the Mueller report clearly did not exonerate him with regard to the very serious charge of obstructing justice,” tweeted Rep. Rosa DeLauro.

On Friday after it was announced Mueller had submitted his report to the Justice Department, Rep. Joe Courtney invoked a recent resolution in the House.

"Just last week, the House of Representatives voted in overwhelming bipartisan fashion to pass a resolution by a vote of 420-0 that expressed this same sentiment – that the report should be made available to Congress and to the public once completed," said Courtney.

Tucker Ives contributed to this report.