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Connecticut Cities Make a Comeback

Mar 29, 2011

After decades of fleeing to the suburbs, Connecticut’s residents are moving back into cities.  That’s according to redistricting data gathered during the 2010 census.  

New Haven gained the most residents in the past decade. Stamford added the most new homes of any city. Hartford’s population grew by 2.6%, only the second time that city’s seen gains since 1960. And Bridgeport’s population grew by 3.4%, it’s first gain since 1950.  

Amanda Kennedy is an urban planner with the Connecticut office of the Regional Plan Association which analyzed the census data.   She  says in 2000, many Connecticut cities were losing population, "and when we looked at the 2010 number it was really across the board that the largest cities in CT were growing and not just growing a little bit, but growing enough so that when you looked at the total number of new residents or the total number of new housing units, they were actually growing more than the small towns that are known for their fast rates of growth"

She says the change reflects a national trend..more people want to live closer to their jobs, enjoy urban cultural life and have easier access to transportation.