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In Connecticut, The Biggest Stories Of 2017

Dec 20, 2017

The state budget stalemate that goes on for months, and results in a budget that isn’t balanced. An unpopular governor tangles with a newly divided legislature over control of spending -- and not surprisingly, many big names ask, “do I really want that job?” 

A nearly bankrupt capital city has that mayor saying, “maybe I want that job.” People keep leaving Connecticut - and some big businesses, too: GE headquarters moved to Boston, and immediately got the blues. Aetna moved its HQ to New York City... and then to the CVS on the corner.

We could get a casino in East Windsor... or Bridgeport?

This hour, we’ll tackle some of the biggest stories of 2017 as we look ahead to the new year, including what the newest GOP tax bill means for Connecticut.


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