Connecticut Allows Out-Of-State Insurance Adjusters For Storm Damage Claims | Connecticut Public Radio

Connecticut Allows Out-Of-State Insurance Adjusters For Storm Damage Claims

May 17, 2018

The Connecticut Insurance Department has activated its emergency adjuster program following Tuesday’s powerful storms. This will allow insurance companies to bring out-of-state adjusters to help expedite claims.

Gerard O’Sullivan is the Connecticut Director of Consumer Affairs. He said the first thing to do if there’s damage is call the insurance company to get the information needed to submit a claim.

“People are going to want to make repairs to make the property safe,” O’Sullivan said. “But we advise people to make sure they take photos and that they maintain all receipts and keep a good record of everything that they’ve done.”

O’Sullivan said a typical question pertaining to trees is - whose insurance is responsible when a neighbor’s tree falls on your house?

“You should always start with the damaged property’s insurance,” O’Sullivan said. “So whosever house the tree fell on, you’re going to want to contact that insurance company. In events such as these, normally, there’s no liability against the owner of the tree unless they knew, or should have known, that the tree was diseased or decaying.”

For problems or questions, residents can contact the Connecticut Insurance Department. There’s also a website that includes frequently asked questions.