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Conn. Legislators OK Election Monitor For Bridgeport

Oct 5, 2020

Connecticut lawmakers have approved the appointment of an election monitor for the state’s largest city, Bridgeport. The bill was passed in last week’s special session.

Legislators from Bridgeport, including Sen. Marilyn Moore, welcome the move.

“Just in the last primary because of COVID-19, we saw that when everyone received an absentee ballot you created a level playing field. And that’s what we want in every election. We want democracy to reign and we want a level playing field,” Moore said.

Moore failed to unseat Bridgeport’s incumbent Mayor Joe Ganim in a Democratic Party primary last year.

She had claimed in an unsuccessful court challenge that political insiders had manipulated the use of absentee ballots in the election.

The state election monitor will oversee Bridgeport’s election process through December.

The monitor would be paid from federal election funds Connecticut received through the CARES Act.