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Conn. Governor-Elect Names His Transition Steering Committee

Nov 15, 2018

In their first full week following the election, Democratic Governor-elect Ned Lamont and Lieutenant Governor-elect Susan Bysiewicz announced the members of their Transition Steering Committee Thursday. 

The 19 people named will help fill state government positions.

Lamont said they are focused on job creation and fixing the state’s budget.

“I wanted it to be a group with different expertises so we really do have a chance to bring the best and the brightest,” Lamont said. “So this is folks with experience in state government and folks with a lot of experience outside of state government, including not-for-profits and the private sector. We have Republicans and Democrats and it’s a group from all over the state.”

The announcement was made at Gateway Community College, where Lieutenant Governor-elect Susan Bysiewicz highlighted workforce development and young people as their top priority.

Among those on the list are Erin Stewart, the Republican mayor of New Britain and a former gubernatorial hopeful; Chase Rogers, former chief justice of the state Supreme Court; Beth Kerrigan, deputy mayor of West Hartford and a leading advocate in the state for marriage equality; and Lieutenant J. Paul Vance, who was with the Connecticut state police for more than 40 years.