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College And Its "Degrees of Inequality"

May 12, 2011

Could our higher education system, once seen as a great equalizer, actually be adding to the nation’s inequalities?

As high schoolers grapple with the grueling spring admissions process, one author argues that students’ true courses into college are forged by many factors other than their grades.

In her book Degrees of Inequality: Culture, Class, and Gender in American Higher Education, Ann Mullen analyses two New Haven schools.

At Ivy-league Yale, the students are mostly from out of state - come from privledged backgrounds where education is all about an intellectual journey.

At Southern Connecticut State University, the students are from around here, see college as a way to get a good job and work during school to pay for it.

Today, what Mullen’s research tells us about the differences between the students, academics and admissions of two schools...only two miles, but worlds apart.