Clinical Trials Face A Diversity Problem | Connecticut Public Radio

Clinical Trials Face A Diversity Problem

Jun 22, 2017

Researchers in Connecticut and nationwide are having a hard time recruiting minorities for clinical trials.

This hour, we find out why and we examine the impact on our health. Does mistrust of doctors and drug companies play a part?

A reporter for the Connecticut Health Investigative Team or C-HIT joins us to talk about her reporting on the issue. She tells us what steps are being taken to address the problem in Connecticut. We also hear from the director of clinical trials at Stamford Hospital’s Bennett Cancer Center.

And we talk with author and medical ethicist Harriet Washington about our nation’s troubling history of medical experimentation on African Americans.

What ethical concerns still linger in clinical research today?

Have you participated in a clinical trial or do you have concerns about doing so?


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Tim Cohn contributed to this show.