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Is Climate Change Causing More Dangerous Hurricanes?

Sep 18, 2018

The country watched Hurricane Florence pummel communities across the Carolinas this week, leaving flooding, destruction, and death in its path.

This hour we ask New York Times climate reporter Kendra Pierre-Louis--is climate change causing these devastating storms to become more common?

And this week marks a year since Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico. Connecticut Public Radio reporter Ryan Caron King has been covering the storm’s aftermath both on the island and here in Connecticut.

We’ll hear about his new documentary, which airs on Connecticut Public Television Thursday, September 20 at 8 pm.

Later, we take a look back at Connecticut’s worst natural disaster, the Hurricane of 1938. We’ll ask state historian Walt Woodward why was that storm so devastating to New England? And what can we learn from its legacy?

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  • Kendra Pierre-Louis - Climate reporter for the New York Times (@KendraWrites)
  • Ryan Caron King - Visual reporter with Connecticut Public Radio, and producer of The Island Next Door documentary, which will air CPTV and online September 20 at 8pm (@ryancaronking)
  • Walter Woodward - Connecticut State Historian and associate professor of history at UConn (@waltwould)


New York Times: [VIDEO] Is Climate Change Making Hurricanes Worse? Yes, Here’s Why (Kendra Pierre-Louis, September 2018) -  “Rising ocean temperatures have fueled some of the most devastating storms in recent years. Kendra Pierre-Louis, a reporter on The New York Times’s climate team, explains how.”

Smithsonian Magazine:  The Great New England Hurricane of 1938 – “By the time the devastation was over, 564 people were dead and more than 1,700 injured, 8,900 homes were completely gone as were 2,600 boats. Trees and buildings damaged by the storm could still be seen by the 1950s.”

Follow Connecticut Public Radio’s continuing coverage of the aftermath of Hurricane Maria in Connecticut and in Puerto Rico at The Island Next Door.

Chion Wolf contributed to this show.