Chemistry Students Get Clean Energy Grant | Connecticut Public Radio

Chemistry Students Get Clean Energy Grant

May 16, 2011

Students and teachers at West Haven High School are celebrating a small grant to research renewable energy. WNPR’s Nancy Cohen reports

Chemistry students in West Haven have been meeting after school to figure out how to transform used french fry oil from the school cafeteria into bio-diesel. The students, who call themselves “ECO” the Environmental Chemistry Organization, received an $800 grant from the city’s Energy Commission. The money came from the Connecticut Clean Energy Fund’s Community Innovation’s Program. Chemistry teacher Phil Zetye says his main goal is to inspire the students to get involved in science.

“They’re excited about the idea of actually doing something productive, to do something that might actually contribute to solving some sort of energy crisis problem.”

Zetye says the students want to produce bio-diesel that will run an engine, without damaging the engine.