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Celebrating Brazil's Culture: Samba, Capoeira, Community

May 2, 2013

The music, culture and movement of Brazil is evocative of a certain kind of lifestyle to many Americans - like me - who’ve never been there. The beach at Ipanema, dense rainforests, a lyrical language and laid-back people.

But the real Brazil is booming and complex, one of the world’s emerging economies.

Connecticut is also home to many thousands of Brazilian immigrants - who occupy an uneasy space as part of a Latin American diaspora with a different language and cultural heritage.

Today, Where We Live, as we get ready to kick off the seventh annual Samba Fest, a Brazilian music festival on the Riverfront Plaza in Hartford, we’ll be talking about Brazil -- its music, dance, and culture, and the growing influence it has on life in Connecticut.

We want to hear from you. Are you involved in Brazilian dance or music? Are you part of the Brazilian community here in Connecticut?

Today's show was produced with help from Brianna Gross.