Can Malloy Win Without a No-Tax Pledge? | Connecticut Public Radio

Can Malloy Win Without a No-Tax Pledge?

Oct 29, 2010

As his opponent took a no-new-taxes pledge—and pulled even in the polls—Democrat Dan Malloy brought his gubernatorial campaign to the lunch-cart crowd by the hospital, determined to defend two unpopular positions with more than sound bites.

Days away from Tuesday’s election, Malloy at this last stage finds himself confronting the political version of those two verities facing all of mankind: death and taxes.

Republican candidate Tom Foley took a read-my-lips oath this week: He vowed not to raise state taxes his first year in office. Malloy refused to take the pledge, possible poison in a recession-plagued, mad-as-hell election year.

Foley has also come out for the death penalty. He has promised to veto an expected death penalty abolition bill.