The Campaign Trail, Highway Tolls, And Connecticut's Expanding Wealth Gap

Jun 13, 2018

During their first post-convention debate Monday, four Republican gubernatorial candidates spoke a lot about state employee pensions, excessive government regulation, and running the state more like a business.

Less discussed was the escalating gap between the state's wealthiest and poorest municipalities and residents, a quagmire that economists say needs to be addressed if Connecticut is to get back on a firm fiscal footing.

This hour, we dissect the issues candidates for governor are, and purposesly aren't, focusing on. Among the most heated is highway tolls, which Oz Griebel, running as an independent, says he would have in place within three years, and GOP endorsed frontrunner Mark Boughton proclaimed he would chain himself to a pole on Interstate 84 to prevent.

With Tuesday's deadline for petitioning candidates to submit their signature collections for verification, who's still in the governor's race, where are they getting their money, and how are they spending it? We have updates on those questions as well.


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