Calculating The Value Of Cross-Endorsements

Aug 29, 2018

Will a second spot on the November 6 ballot be the difference maker for either Ned Lamont or Bob Stefanowski in their bid to be Connecticut's next governor?

Stefanowski, already the GOP nominee, secured the Independent Party's cross-endorsement on Sunday. Just 64 members of Connecticut's third-largest political party turned out for its caucus. A majority of them picked Stefanowski over petitioning candidate Oz Griebel and others to appear on the Independent Party ballot line.

Meanwhile, Lamont's name will be on both the Democratic Party and Working Families Party ballot lines.

This week we attempt to forecast the value of a second spot under a third-party banner in a year when the two major parties' appeal to average voters is in doubt.

Also with Quinnipiac and Sacred Heart University polls showing Lamont in the lead, we revisit the question of how much stock can be placed in any of these political surveys. 

And we look at how U.S. Sen. John McCain, who passed away over the weekend, is being remembered in Connecticut by those he influenced.


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