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Bridgeport Edition: Ganim's First Year

Mar 29, 2017

Bridgeport Mayor Joe Ganim is pleased with his first year back in office -- in fact he’s given himself a B-plus. 

Ganim was re-elected after serving time in federal prison because of political corruption -- just another example of how the political landscape is shifting across the U.S., and just how forgiving voters can be. But it hasn’t been an easy year for the mayor of Connecticut’s biggest city -- one that struggles with poverty, unemployment, and educational disparity.

He’s promised transparency, a balanced budget, and second chance programs for other ex-convicts like himself.

Meanwhile, some Trumpian echoes are coming from the Democratic mayor. As the president threatens funding to "sanctuary cities," Ganim has pushed back against activists who want to give Bridgeport sanctuary status. And he hasn't ruled out an idea Trump tried in the 1990s -- bringing a casino to town.


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