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Best & Worst Super Bowl Ads 2011

Feb 7, 2011

Today we'll be analyzing the commercials from last night's Super Bowl. Why? Because, as one writer for put it, "We all accept the Super Bowl as less of a game than a pop culture nexus point -- a place where the American self-image asserts itself with familiar rituals ... while cautiously acknowledging the present and looking to the future. The Super Bowl's expansive and awkward mix of performers, images, products and messages is a spectacle of its own."

With that in mind, it almost seems unfashionable to be, as I am, a Green Bay Packers fan. Winning is so unfashionable. Massively screwing up or just bare surviving are so much cooler. What will people remember about last night? Groupon's massive fail. Cameron feeding A-Rod. Christina's National Anthem  nightmare. Fergie's microphone problems.  Winning? That's some obscure thing  they do in Wisconsin. Leave your comments below, e-mail or Tweet @wnprcolin.