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The Best Jazz Of 2020

Dec 31, 2020

To round out the year, we round up the best jazz of the year. We've done this every year for at least the last seven years.

Here are our 2020 picks:

  • "Kurinji" by Jen Allen featuring Kris Allen, Marty Jaffe, and Kush Abadey, from Sifting Grace
  • "The Sidewinder" by Artemis, from Artemis
  • "Dream Without Me" by Noah Baerman & Friends, from Love Right
  • "Inner Child" by Chris Dingman featuring Linda May Han Oh and Tim Keiper, from Embrace
  • "The Well" by Endless Field, from Alive in the Wilderness
  • "AKA Reggie" by Wayne Escoffery, from The Humble Warrior
  • "I Can't Remember Love" by Anna Hauss, Robert Wienröder & William Horberg, from Music from the Netflix Limited Series The Queen's Gambit
  • "La Mesha" by Jimmy Heath featuring Wynton Marsalis, from Love Letter
  • "Spiral" by Dan Liparini, from Tessellations
  • "Data Lords" by Maria Schneider Orchestra, from Data Lords
  • "More?" by Joel Ross, from Who Are You?
  • "Piggy Bank for Charity" by Sax & Taps, from Intersplosion! (Live at Dizzy’s Club)


  • Jen Allen - A pianist, composer, arranger, and educator; her new album is Sifting Grace
  • Noah Baerman - A pianist, composer, and educator; his new album is Love Right
  • Gene Seymour - A film, television, and music critic

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Colin McEnroe and Cat Pastor contributed to this show.